How to start a yoga business for cheap (7 steps)

How to start a yoga business for cheap (7 steps)

How to start a yoga business for cheap (7 steps)



1. Instead of a weekly class try a monthly themed class.

2. Stay small as long as you can.

3. Rent a space per hour ($50-$100).

4. Have a website (literally buy a domain ($20) and create a word press (depends on plan) or put that domain on a Tumblr/ Facebook/Instagram (FREE).

5. Google forms, woo commerce (FREE) or Shopify to book classes ($29).

6. Use mailchimp to send reminder emails and keep track of class attendees (FREE).

7.Decide on how you will get traffic: Facebook ads ($1/day for 30 days) + Post on Eventbrite (Free)

These 7 steps work if you would like to try your hand at a yoga business without needing to spend a lot of money. A lot of yoga businesses struggle financially because the cost to run this type of business is too high . What happens is that purchased yoga memberships at studios are often inconsistent and constantly fluctuating. This leaves many studios struggling to stay afloat.

I personally used these seven steps when I started my own yoga business and I was able to start a small following to support my business. During my best month I made over $300 for two themed yoga classes that I taught. I only sold tickets at $10.

Where I made a mistake was thinking I should take my themed class and make it weekly. I quickly lost my following because I was now competing with actual yoga studios rather than staying in my lane and serving my specialty niche. The business got to a point where I had to stop and focus on other opportunities BUT I did not have to spend the big bucks to walk away. When I had no students I did not book a room. And was only out $60 (Shopify + FB ads) for one month I would say that’s great for a small business! Though you will continue to face new opportunities and challenges running your yoga business feel free to use any of these tips. I understand that the Yoga field has had exponential growth in yoga teachers each year. If your one of those teachers new or old I’m here for you my fellow yogi/nis and I wish you a meaningful journey ahead.




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