Making 5 minutes of Yoga really work!

Making 5 minutes of Yoga really work!


I make time for myself at work. In between pressing deadlines and resolving any unexpected problems I center myself. I close my door, whip out my yoga mat and do yoga for 5 minutes. I’ll do a couple of sun salutations or choose to hold various yin yoga poses. Whatever it is, I put my heart and soul in it for 5 minutes. Now 5 minutes probably sounds like 5 minutes LOL. I used to think what could I possible accomplish in 5 minutes, I’m wasting my time… but something in me said “…just do it Jessica what do you have to lose?”. So I hinged at my waist lightly touching my feet, breathing in the upside down energy of a forward bend (uttanasana). I scooped up all the goodness I wanted to settle deep in myself as I rose up extending my arms in the air (urdhva hastasana). My hands slowly finding its way to my heart saluting the universe. Namaste…. Om Shanti Om….. I found that I was much more purposeful in my practice for that five minutes than I was in my hour practice. I think it is much more practical especially for beginners to set themselves up to win with consistency and 5 minutes is very do-able. I choose to put this in my work day because I needed a break to reconnect with myself. I needed a moment that was truly mine to help me power through.

I am much happier at work, with less nervous energy. I have a routine that I can lean on when my schedule is thrown off. This routine is even more powerful because it’s sole purpose is to center me and give me the space to reconnect with myself. And in those moments I find myself giving thanks for all the opportunities I have in my life as well as praying that my heart remains open to new opportunities even in struggle.

The quickest way to start practicing yoga is to learn Sun Salutation A (surya namaskar a). Do it five times or less and put your all into this sequence.

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