Be Open to a New Perspective

Be Open to a New Perspective

If you all are anything like me you will have faced a very tough 2016-2017. From my perspective, the toughness is not that I’ve seen in the past year the hardest obstacles in my life but instead life feels like it has changed permanently. The old things and ways of doing things no longer work. I’ve outgrown them and I think I’ve been clinging onto the old because I was afraid of the new. Change is neither bad nor good it’s just what you make of it and to give some insight, we all have options on how we choose to handle new experiences. We ultimately have the choice to approach newness with old fears or new open perspectives.


In my life, I’ve slowed my pace.  Why rush, if I’m headed towards a beautiful destination or train wreck I’d rather enjoy the scenery because I know that wherever I’m headed is temporary.  I’ve grown to see that in the journey to somewhere, the effort we put into getting somewhere is the reality we live in the most.  Not to sound too deep but in short shoot for a goal but enjoy the journey to get there the most.


Ksepana Mudra… is the mudra of letting go of the things you no longer need.  To form, touch the tip of your pointer fingers, interlace the other fingers and wrap the left thumb over right thumb.  Let the left fingers rest on top of the right.

  • Breathe deeply, allowing all that is holding you back to be released.
  • Point fingers to the earth.
  • Visualize letting go of whatever you need to let go.

Sometimes letting go means lovingly releasing people, responsibilities, situations, patterns, beliefs or anything that no longer serves your greater purpose.

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