Now is Always a Good Time to Start

Now is Always a Good Time to Start

I’ve convinced myself many times to not try something or to give up too early.  I’m one of those types, that likes something, gets super excited, plans, begins, then jumps off the boat even in a calm current.  What I’ve learned is that sometimes what I am doing, a hobby, or working towards, a job, is just a vehicles to my ultimate destination.  Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t know what the ultimate destination is and I don’t think I’ll truly know until the end of my life.  But until then, I had to learn (and am still learning) how to enjoy working hard towards goals without needing to tell myself that what I am working towards is my end all to everything.  I need the room to change my mind, to fall in love with other hobbies.  And everything I’ve done has smoothly woven a soft subtle direction I need to go to next.  Even after jumping ship (LOL many ships) I’ll still be headed toward the right direction but I choose, through the amount of effort I put into my pursuits, if I’d like to get to my destination in a fancy ship (a fully trained sailor at ease and enjoying the view) or floating, swimming and struggling to keep my head above water.  It’s my choice.  So I’m choosing to stay on my fancy ship and work hard at mastering that than to swim for the rest of my life!


When I completed my yoga teacher training program in February 2016 I was so nervous that I was not ready to teach others.  I knew I could teach others, I enjoyed teaching others but I had a fear in me that I was not good enough to teach others.  With that thinking I started to drag my feet.  I told myself: “Train harder and when you have deeper asana’s you’ll be ready”.  But being able to visually do a fancy pose does not make up for safely teaching another person to get into a pose.  After about a year, I realized the obvious: “I need to teach”.  I’ll never grow if I don’t work directly towards growth.  And pushing past my fears is apart of the yogic process.  No different than when I was a new student to yoga and I was too afraid to walk into a mixed level class.


  • Set three realistic goals towards advancing your practice (i.e: practice for 30 min 3x/week, apply a yoga philosophy once a week, etc…).
  • Have a clear start and end date.
  • Actually DO IT! (Even when you don’t want to)
  • Celebrate your consistency (Ice cream partyyyy hoorayyy!).
  • Set more goals.

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