Awaken the Warrior in YOU!

Awaken the Warrior in YOU!

“I am my own Warrior, I am my own Victor I will be the Rescuer I need.”

This week during my yoga class we explored guided meditations that awaken our warrior spirits.  One meditation I lead had students visualize themselves in room of all there favorite things.  In the center of this room stood a mirror and student approached this mirror and practiced admiring and thanking themselves for all that they do to progress in life.

Being humble to me does not mean self-rejection.  And often times this visualization allows us to work on true self esteem so that we are more conscious of how we treat others.  It all starts with treating yourself right and expecting no one to give you more than what you willingly do and give to yourself.  When you give yourself the best others ultimately benefit because they get to see you at your best.  This can be extremely beneficial for those in caregiver roles who often have to put others needs before their own.


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