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Does Cannabis have a place in Yoga?

Does Cannabis have a place in Yoga?

This is an ongoing debate in many communities even the yoga community which is often seen as the hippie-dippy everything flies place.  Believe me it’s not, just like all who lean towards the conservative view and the traditionalist approach, incorporating being smacked in your yoga practice is a double edge sword.  I have personal interest in this topic because the cannabis industry is a highly profitable and untapped industry.  After doing some research 🙂 I learned that cannabis revenue has been on the rise, increasing 1.7 billion a year.  Currently the market is at 6.5 billion in revenue in the US alone.  While it has also been reported that illegal marijuana sales are estimated to be 46 billions a year.  IN ADDITION, and I do mean BIG addition, legalizing cannabis would also legalize the production of Hemp and high protein plant that is one of the few vegan proteins with all the essential amino acids found in meat AND can be used in manufacturing of various textiles.   I think we can calmly estimate that this untapped Cannabis and Hemp industry could be a 60-100 billion industry in the US alone and with the potential over the next decade to continue to grow…

Should I do a Green yoga class in DC, where it is legal indoors?  Would this make some students feel uncomfortable if I provide a variety of yoga classes?  Not sure and I don’t want or like to make others feel uncomfortable.  What I do know for sure is that one day Cannabis will be legal and people will continue to make money off of it because this process as a whole represents Freedom and people will always align themselves with freedom.

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