Make Yoga Free for All

Make Yoga Free for All

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I have one dream and it is to bring yoga to all who need it at no cost. Yoga can be vital for emotional and mental support for those who need it as well as a physical journey that truly builds inner strength. Often times people who need yoga the most can’t afford it and I would like to offer my yoga class for free to the community to bridge this gap. I currently run a small yoga business: Working Yoga and though people pay for my R&B Yoga weekly class I would love to give this unique class for free to the community.

I look back at my own yoga journey. And though I have been able to climb out with so much support from those who have helped along the way I just want to give back with my gift of teaching yoga. During my life journey I remember struggling to pay for yoga classes. Though I was always greeted with wonderful instructors it wasn’t until seven years into my yoga journey was I able to afford classes and get into a teacher training.

Life can be tough at times and yoga creates a space to heal some of the deepest wounds. Even if we don’t meet the goal I’ll use whatever is available to nourish others through yoga. Please give as much as you can afford I hope to run this for years to come.

The funds will be used for 1 years of space rental, I will volunteer to teach. Any extra funds will be used for supplies for students to use or take as a gift.

Please enjoy the two videos for your own practice. One is a 4 minute yoga practice and the other is a 5 minute meditation.

You can join classes for free in the link below:

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