How to Increase Self Worth (Internally & Externally)

How to Increase Self Worth (Internally & Externally)

Increasing self worth can be one of the kindest things we could ever do for ourselves.  How we feel about ourselves and the value we bring to the world can make or break our daily happiness.  So how can you increase your self worth?  We’ll break worth/value in to two things

1. Inner Value:

Inner value is how you encourage yourself, what do you say to yourself when your struggling or even when your winning this secret language sets the tone of our love and oftentimes how we speak to ourselves is so embedded in our personality we may feel uncomfortable trying to be more optimistic, gentle and practical.  Remember you have to celebrate your wins, value your wins or others won’t value them.  You have to be practical with yourself yet understand so you won’t give up on goals that feel like a marathon to run.  And speaking of a marathon approach life like that.  You won’t sprint the whole way slow down and take your time.

2. External Value:

External value is how you manage your money.  It really isn’t about how much you make more of do you valuse yourself enough to pay yourself first?  That means contributing to retirement first.  Going HAM on any debt to pay it back fast and budgeting.  Impulse spending is not valuing yourself if you end up right back where you started in finaciial disaeay.

So here’s a daily exercise for you to do 3-5mins a day.  Do it for the week and let me know how it went!  


  • Think of your perfect income amount

  • Then go to a mirror (bathroom, in your car) and say:

  • “I am worth (insert amount) because I bring that much value to the world”

  • Say it over and over looking yourself in the eyes and smiling and giving yourself more encouragement than anyone or anything.

This exercise is great because you start to value your own validation rather than others because you are setting aside time to make yourself feel valued rather than waiting for the world to do so.

Remember there are no failure only setbacks and if you’re willing to stay on the path I’m willing to walk with you.





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