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If you are interested in joining VIPKID and want me to coach you through the process use my link or code below to sign up.






I am so excited that I got my first VIPKID recruit.  I have just started my VIPKID journey and have recently finished and passed 😉 the entire application process. Now I am getting my training materials prepared so I can get my level 1 PreVIP certification and start teaching classes in the following weeks.  

This process was exciting but scary at times, I mean who wants to fail!  But like I always say there are no failures only setbacks and PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION is the only way you can go into your VIPKID interviews and classes and feel confident.  

Do you know about VIPKID recruitment?  They are offering $100 to current VIPKID teachers who successfully recruit teachers who pass the interview process.  They have even decided to offer benchmark bonuses to encourage more recruitment.  The top bonus is an additional $16,000 for recruiting at least 200 people in one of their three month intervals.  So yes my one recruit is just 1 but I’m really excited to help this soon to be VIPKID teacher through the process 🙂 .  Sometimes it takes some guidance to ease the mind.  I’ll keep you posted on where it goes so far so good!  



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