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Yoga is a beautiful gift that we all want but it can be hard to discipline ourselves to get.  Whether we have internal or external boundaries the Working Yoga Weekly Plan aims to breakthrough those walls.  By signing up every monday you will receive:

  • 5 or more yoga poses to practice during the week
  • 1 guided mediation to use at the end of your practice
  • 1 weekly message of strength, discipline and perseverance

If you are going to get there you have to develop a thick skin and push past your own boundaries.  The Working Yoga Weekly Plan facilitates this space with yourself so you can do it in a loving supportive way.  This is 100% FREE to the Working Yoga family so join below.

Start Now!

  • Here’s 5 poses to start developing now!

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  • Here’s a guided meditation to listen to!

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  • Here’s a message about owning your worth!

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If you have not signed up for The Working Yoga Weekly Plan, you can sign up below.

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