New teachers: How to prepare for your first yoga class.

New teachers: How to prepare for your first yoga class.

That first yoga class can be scary as a student and equally scary as a teacher.  I remember my first class after passing my certification.  It was mixed level and I was feeling not ready enough.  I wanted to be a master already not connecting with the journey to mastery.  I thought maybe I’d feel more comfortable then.  But I nervously lead the class and people liked it.  I had been feeling out of place in my everyday life and it was at that moment I felt again like myself. This opened up a new confidence in this journey.

So if you are a new teacher or a teacher freshening up how should you prep for your first class?

Write it down
It’s OK to write it down and in some cases bring notes to class as a guideline.  I’ve seen plenty of great teachers do this.  I write my classes out by hand and visualize the flow of the class.  Here is a template

  • Warm up

  • Opening intention

  • Sequence standing + floor

  • Cool down

  • Guided Meditation Savasana

Decide how long you want each section to be.

-Choose an awesome playlist.  

I am a firm believer in music during my yoga classes.  I think it encourages people to connect deeply with themselves on an audible level.  I personally only make one kind of playlist (beloved 90s + 00 R&B) so for my classes that might want more popular music I follow an awesome playlist by Katie Marshall on Spotify.  I highly recommend it.  There’s a little bit of something for everybody there.

-Practice it
When in doubt practice make perfect.  This can ease the anxiety of feeling like you might miss out on something.  And it also helps with strengthening your timing.

-Be compassionate towards yourself
Just like any nurturing field it is easy for us to ask our students to do things we may not do ourselves.  Here the age old saying rings true (Do as I say not as I do). But our yoga journey as a student and then a teacher encourages us to stand by what we say.  So in short don’t be a false prophet just be human people like that better, you’ll come off more accessible.  And it’s healthier for you too. Instead of putting unnecessary pressure on yourself under the gaze of yoga you free yourself through compassionate understanding.

And that’s it! I know you’ll do a great job.

With Love

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