How to start a yoga practice (And keep it!)

How to start a yoga practice (And keep it!)

Here are the top five things you need to know to start a yoga practice

1. Space

Have a designated yoga space (or spaces) where you feel comfortable practicing yoga on a daily basis.  Comfort is so important and could make or break your persistence to come back to your practice.  This also means where comfy clothes and don’t be afraid to take you practice to you Bed, Couch, Office Floor, Closet, Bathroom (single stall is a great place to meditate at work!)

2. Poses

I see many people get caught up on what to do and being fearful of doing the wrong poses.  Start with moving your body in ways that feel good, stretching and restorative positioning (like Legs up the wall – where your laying flat of the floor or the bed and have your legs up the wall).  Rule of thumb choose 5 yoga poses and make that your practice leaving your own interpretive poses to fill up the transitions from one pose to the other.  If this is still too creative.  Start with Surya Namaskar A + B.  Mastering these will give you the foundation to man yoga classes as we all incorporate this sequence in our practice

3. Consistency

Doing your practice once a week can be fun but not strength your consistency.  Consistency means you are doing your practice 3-7 times a week.  Believe me it doesn’t have to be long.  I encourage my students to start with 5 minutes of yoga a day just to prove to themselves they can do it.  This builds confidence.  Hold yourself to it and make adjustments to make sure you do your practice for 5 minute or 50 minutes.

4. Set Yoga goal

Maybe your goal is to touch your toes.  I set mine to do a full straddle split.  Have something to work towards so you can track your progress

5. Find Community

Yoga is both solitary and community.  I love community classes it feels so full with others as we share the space and showcase our journey in front of each others.  My yoga sisters from my teacher training are awesome.  We’re all so different and growing our practices very differently.  They allow me to be in a wonderful community of women who enjoy yoga and the wisdom that unfolds each day.  My classes are also a place where I where I were a difference hat.  I guide individuals through their practice and that takes a certain level of trust and mutual respect.  Community is also great for stagnation.  They can help you brainstorm and stay consistent with your practice.





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