Are You Getting Enough Sleep – Here is Some Help

Are You Getting Enough Sleep – Here is Some Help

Do you struggle with falling asleep?  How about staying asleep?  Sometimes the worries or busy-ness of life can make it hard to get all the Zs we need.  I once heard it was recommended to get at least 8 hours (Now that would be awesome).  Preferably going to bed early.  But now-a-days pretty big name influencers live on less sleep and encourage others to sleep as little as 5 hours a day and be productive for the other 19 hours.

While this may have been everyone’s hustle from time to time in their lives, sustained lack of sleep is not good on the body.  I believe that some people do thrive with less sleep, but most people will not.  I think it has to do with sleep and stress.  What I mean by this is people who naturally have an overall good mood may use that reduction in stress to allow them to run with less sleep.  Stress is the number one reason why we may feel drained and if you have a high stress life, whether that be work or personal get as much sleep as possible.

I’ve only met a handful of naturally happy people but I’ve met bucketful of stressed people.  Sleep is the top way to regulate stress management as the body heals itself in sleep and less sleep means less time for the body to heal itself.

Here’s an example:  My iPhone turned off and I was pretty sure it was out-for-the-count.  I marched to the Sprint store where they showed me how to reboot the phone.  I felt a little foolish because this was a google-able problem but what I was told was I had to turn the phone off from time to time to give the phone a break (Even iPhones need adequate rest).  Doing this will increase long term use.

As a yoga teacher, I love doing guided meditations.  The rest my students receive really keeps them coming back.  I even dedicate 20 minutes of the class for this restoration because not only does it relax the body (which promotes physical healing) it relaxes the mind (which promote stress reduction).

I wish I was superhuman and could live off of 5 hours a day and some of you SuperStars are but for the rest of us get as much sleep as reasonable.  Go to bed early and don’t eat several hours before you go to sleep this way your body can focus on healing itself rather than digesting food which takes up most of our energy in the first place.

Here’s a five minute meditation to start this relaxation.  Use it before bed or even to take a break.  It is so worth it to restore!



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