Making time for yoga… When you have no time.

Making time for yoga… When you have no time.

Time is of the essence, time is precious.  Have you heard those one liners before? LOL I think we all have.  Carving time out of an already packed day can be tough.  With competing activities, how can you get your yoga on?  Keep reading because we’re going to figure that out for you.

Step 1.

Make a list of priorities for your day.

Step 2.

Put yoga near the top of the list.

Step 3.

Be realistic about the amount of time you have and where you can practice.  Your space does not have to be perfect.  For example, take a break at work and go to a single stall bathroom and do five yoga poses to its fullest.  Or when you wake up in the morning go to the bathroom and do 10 deep belly breaths and a mantra for the day.

Step 4.

Repeat 4-5 times a week.  Literally your practice can be five minutes a day or an hour as long as you begin to build up repetition you are carving out more space for yoga in your life.

Step 5.

Set realistic yoga goal.  It is important to have something to work towards and setting a realistic goal like gaining a couple of inches in your forward bend or holding yourself up for a few more seconds in your crow pose can be life changing.

Step 6.

Stay focused.  Life happens, distractions come up, demotivation, injury and all kinds of other stuff.  A lot of things can not be controlled but what we can control 100% is our thoughts and how we encourage ourselves.  If something comes up and it throws your practice off take a little mental break when you can and visualize your practice.  Stay hungry for the next time you can practice again.

Step 7.

Stay connected.  Follow your favorite yoginnis on IG, join FB communities, start your own tribe.  It really makes a difference!  My yoga sisters from my teacher training are awesome and I love how we all approach yoga differently yet still are very supportive of each others path.


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