Why Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Why Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life

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This week I am focusing on Positive Affirmations in my yoga practice.  I really am putting an effort in to incorporate more positive affirmations into my yoga practice.


Why positive affirmation you ask????


Well we all have had times in our live where things did not go too well.  Maybe we were young, impressionable and forming our view of the world based on our surroundings.  


If we’re surrounded by some emotionally, mentally or physically damaging things this might imprint on our minds as just the way things are or we are undeserving of safe surroundings.  Regardless of the magnitude we all probably have years of facing this.


But once we get to a point where we want to make some serious changes we have to rewire our entire system.  We have to go deep and develop NEW patterns and beliefs in our lives regardless of what we have or are experiencing.


THIS IS HARD, to say the least!!!


Positive Affirmations is one of the ways we can start to rewire our brain and create NEW, SAFE, NURTURING belief systems and thought processes within ourselves.  BUT this too takes time.


If you had 18 years of depressions, negative thinking, anger or any other turbulent emotion, you probably have to spend just as much time with as much force if not more to change this.


That’s one thing your yoga practice helps you to explore.  It gives you a path to self-worth and self development but it requires discipline and resilience.


Life can be unfair BUT you chose what you do with the life you have been given.  


Affirmations like:

“I am worthy”

“I am enough”

“I am a millionaire”


Should be repeated over several times.  This is most effective if you use a mirror and look into your eyes as you do so… you might feel silly at first but this exercise will get you more familiar with yourself.


You are essentially building a bond with yourself by doing positive affirmations.  You are changing your thoughts and your beliefs over time without having to seek someone or something outside of yourself to convince you to do so.


I’ve worked with some people who have cried in front of the mirror or have froze.  Just from needing to say:

“I love you”

“I believe in you”

“You are worthy”


Its sad but a reality that most negative people hate themselves more than they hate others, they don’t value themselves so they can’t value others.


While this treatment may sound like narcissism; This exercise teaches the brain to establish and maintain a relationship with yourself rather than to look outward to be critical. It challenges the spirit to confront any issues that created the negativity internally rather than trying to control it externally.  


It may appear that those who take arrogance to the negative side already do this but it is likely they don’t.  They probably drap themselves in external possessions, their external achievement, their titles, their made up personna to protect themselves from ever having to go within.  Strip this away and you’ll still find a disconnected person.


A connected person would not need to bring others down to feel big.  They would not use others as a stepping stool to get to the next level because they would not want others to do so to them.  

This confidence is not arrogance it’s self love, it’s a connectedness to oneself that expands so deeply you can connect with others.

In my yoga class today I used the analogy of a cup running over.  

If you feed and give to others from your cup without it being full you’re always going to feel lack.  

You are filling others up from your power source and think that others will do the same.

This is actually codependency.

A need to give more than you have with the expectation that others will too.  This usually doesn’t turn out well and these relationships you have with others may be steeped in unrealistic expectations.


Instead think about it this way:  

Fill your cup up and give to others freely without expectation from your OVERFLOW ONLY!  


This way you will not live in lack and you also share your gifts with the world.  And we need your gifts. SO… Treat people the best you can but do not compromise yourself to do so.


Use the Positive Affirmation video listed to get you started.  I’ve been using it several times a day and I am slowly feeling a positive difference.


Om Shanti Om


Yogini Jessica   

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