Introducing the Working Yoga Weekly Tracker

Introducing the Working Yoga Weekly Tracker


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Five Poses to Jumpstart your Practice this Week + Working Yoga Weekly Plan Tracker

Working Yoga Weekly Plan Tracker

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Live in the service NOT the servitude of others.

  1. Boundaries 2. Self-Worth 3. Gratitude

These three things set the tone for the gifts you have to give to the world.  But even dedication to others should not mean codependency with the needs of others.  It is very easy to fall into people pleasing, not rocking the boat, or “needing to be needed” in order to value your own personal contributions in the would.  Many people become overworked, resentful or even physically sick because their seeking validation in the world. Look inside first. And fill your cup up until its overflowing only then can you truly and most authentically be of service to others.  It is the overflow that fills up others with no expectations in return. It’s that overflow that protects against resentment or burning out. It’s the overflow that produces genuine internal happiness with all involved. BUT if you do not fill your cup first and try to fill others hoping someone will fill yours this is most definitely a recipe for sadness, resentment and disaster.

The hardest part will be the transition.  To let go of your servitude and embrace your service.  You will most certainly lose people who would prefer you stayed the same.  You will most certainly feel challenged internally to back step just to feel safe.  But you must know yoginis that inside of you is a flame that allows you to walk through the fires of your life and come back better.  All you need is effort and perseverance, you don’t even need perfection. Once you make it back we’ll be waiting to learn the gifts you have developed now that your cup is full and overflowing.

Stay Encouraged.

Even practicing 5 minutes a day can be truly meaningful.  If you’re busy (like me) follow me on Instagram (@workingyoga) for yoga poses to do at work 🙂

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