Mercury In Aries Retrograde Prep: What you need to know!

Mercury In Aries Retrograde Prep:  What you need to know!

Mercury Retrograde in Aries (3/22 – 4/15)  Can be felt from 3/8 – 5/4


Mercury in retrograde is fast approaching and this year it’s going to be in the fire signs starting off in Aries.   Aries has to do with our personality, our self, our image. Think of your rising sign/ascendant. That by definition is whatever sign was in your 1st house (1st house represents aries energy) when you were born.  This deeply shapes how you come off to others when they first meet you.


But even past your ascendant (which will be impacted) who you think you are will come into question during this transit.  For all the right reasons. During this time life is going to test your current sense of self in many ways, you might get pissed when it’s happening BUT what’s really happening is life is knocking away the imagine of yourself that no longer works for you.  You might get mad as you mourn the loss of what you think is yourself but really your holding on to a losing battle. There is a better more authentic you out there and you have to hunker down to use this time and reestablish who you are through planning and contemplation.


During the retrograde period you are to do planning only.  No new things such as you instantly become the new you, you want to be.  Wait until after the retrograde, the “better you” will naturally emerge without you forcing it, after going through this transit.  


The actions you can take are:

  1. Closing up things from your past, you’ve been putting off, catching up.  
  2. Leaving the past in the past once they are completed but know you must complete them first before you are able to let them go.


More on Aries: Aries essentially means I Am and it’s all about how you present yourself to the world and your own identity.  If you do not know yourself it is hard to know others and you are getting the opportunity to reconnect with you.


More on Mercury in Retrograde:  Mercury rules communications, so wonky things are going to happen.  My printers in my office always go out during these transits. This essentially is a resting time for communication so the energy that moves communication for us starts to dim.  Your speech might be off too, meaning you are unable to communicate exactly want you want to say quickly.


You are not advised to start any new jobs or contracts BUT here is the huge caveat.  If you have had this in the works for quite some time and a job or business agreement appears it may be more about finishing up what you have been working towards in the past rather than starting something completely new.  So essentially you are playing catch up and I advise you to take on only things you are very certain about. Wait for the transit to end to jump into something new that you know nothing about.


Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo so all who have these two signs in their ascendant, sun sign or moon sign will feel this intensely.   


So what should you do?




If you do not already have one start you a consistent meditation practice.  God bless Deepak and Oprah because they have scheduled their FREE 21day meditation right around the time the transit begins.  You can sign up for that here: FREE CLICK HERE.  


Also sign up for the Working Yoga Weekly Plan below.  I send you Yoga Poses, Meditations, and Content for you to use during the week for your yoga practice.  Every Monday I also send you the Working Yoga Weekly Plan Tracker to make sure you have done your practice last week!  Discipline is Key! ESPECIALLY during retrograde periods when we are challenged so much internally.  

Om Shanti Om

Yogini Jessica

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