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With Jessica

As a yoga teacher I found that it was so hard to keep up my own personal practice

As a yoga teacher I found that it was so hard to keep up my own personal practice

As a yoga teacher I found that it was so hard to keep up my own personal practice.  While planning and teaching classes I found that I mostly did yoga while teaching others.  I also started a business *you wanna guess…This one* in 2017 that took a lot of time to work on.  The time really was me figuring out what I was good at in the yoga space. And going through obstacles and insights along the way.

I narrowed it down to online yoga, so I could focus on my own self-care and creating healthy boundaries for myself emotionally, physically and mentally.  Finding time to reinvigorate my personal yoga practice has still been tough. I, a yoga teacher, like any other newbie to yoga often don’t know what I want to work on during my personal practice.  

I had to get my coinz together to save up for a yoga membership because I really gain the most by being a student first.  Having a teacher lead the class while I work on my personal development is what I have been craving and missing. I created a groupon/yoga studio deal list where I charted out all the new membership deal that were available so I could hop from studio to studio keeping my monthly costs low.  They rager from $35-$50 a month making this a steal strategy. If you live in the DMV comment below and I’ll post the deals sheet.

Going to YogaWorks in Alexandria (formerly Pure Prana) is just what I needed.  When I want to put in some more work I’ll choose a more active class. When I want to the slow the paced I’ll chose a restorative or Yin class.  Yin yoga will always hold a special place in my heart because it is my favorite approach to yoga. I LOVE holding poses for minutes at a time… LOL it leaves me free to multi-task.

My current plan is to keep up with yoga 6x/week.  So far so good. What I am getting out of my classes is dealing with myself and my own internal battles.  I can focus on pranayama without worrying that the space will be interrupted. Sunday is my rest day. So here’s to keeping strong and keeping it going 🙂


-Yogini Jessica

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