How do you feel about your body?

How do you feel about your body?

How do you feel about your body?

Does the outsides match how you feel on the inside.  


Names something you dislike about your body:


Now, name something you like about your body:


Which process took longer? 9 times out of 10 we can come up with 10 things and 10 reasons why we don’t like ourselves before we can come up with the equal amount for what we do like about our body.

My grandmother used to say “dress like you are somebody”… I’d like to tweak that and say “eat like you are somebody”.  The quickest way to change how you feel about yourself is actually through what you eat. No yoga, fitness, positive affirmation will work and last as quickly and as effective of eats right.  Eating a plant based diet can alter your mood by clearing your thoughts. What’s actually happening is you are reducing inflammation which may manifest as disease and anxiety. And being in control of how you feel about a constantly shifting world around you can be one of the most powerful weapons you can have in your arsenal.

Besides the quick weight loss.  I’m talking about 10 pounds in one month.  A plant based diet can help you go on your self healing journey.  While I do still get nervous about the unknown and fearful of the unforeseen, I am in a better mood to face my fears and debunk my doubts.  I can’t that was the case when I was eating meat. And this could be because meat takes, on average, up to two days to digest. Veggies can be broken down by the body in less than a day.  Our body spends most of its energy digesting food. So meat take more energy for the body to break down and use which could be exhausting if you have, pre existing diseases, stress and environmental pollutants.   

Look its not my goal to bash meat and say it’s horrible and nasty.  On the contrary, I was a meat LOVER and a connoisseur of well seasoned food!  Life just threw me a curve ball that required me to change my diet to have a normal quality of life.  And through that transition I’ve been able to lose weight, to better understand the body and try new approaches to nutrition like cleanses and fasts.

All my research indicates that a plant based, raw, anti inflammatory diet is one of the best approaches to healing the body.  Disease can be multifaceted, it could be physical alignments or mental or emotional.

How and what you eat can give you the clarity you need to gain a strong footing in your life.

If you would to take a nutritional action right now try a blended juice cleanse.  Their super easy, allow you to lose weight, and brings so much clarity to you mentally.  I recently complete the Jus Juice cleanse.

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