Losing the Tummy Fat

Losing the Tummy Fat

Losing tummy fats is a hot topic.  Heck it’s my top fitness goal. For many years I believe that crunches and sit up were the way to go but after research and watching the journey of others I now know it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

While crunches, sit ups and planks will give you those sexy abs there’s one barrier you have until you are able to see them.  Your belly fat. That layer of fat hiding those fabulous abs from the world. Getting rid of that is a whole “nother” story Hun-TEE.  To get rid of that layer you have to do cardio and run.

Belly fat is typically the last area to go when you are losing weight: no wonder why it is the most coveted look.  Rightfully so its tough to get there. And unless you have that genetic six pack you like the rest of us tummy fat folks will have to work off our tush to get there.

Staying consistent is the most important factor there is no 1 month or even 2 month routine to get you there safely and realistically.  Start planning for 6 months of consistency and greater. Michael b Jordan said that she did not see his body change for his role in Creed until 6 months after his intense training.  But because of this training he was able to quickly go into his role in The Black Panther, stacked.

For my own journey I am 17 pounds down and found that everywhere on my body has equally shrunk except my tum-tum which is taking a little longer.  As a curvy girl I used to feel like why can’t my tum just go down and leave the rest, but unless I’m going under that knife, yeaa probably not, Imma have to lose everywhere and build but up with muscles.

I naturally have curves so I still have a nice shape to me but my homework is to get this tum-tum down.  I’m confident that by the winter I’ll get there. I’m not too concerned about the scale and really want to look down and feel like FINALLY I conquered my pudge!

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