My fitness journals has been filled with twists and turns

My fitness journals has been filled with twists and turns, this thing has been a roller coaster that has lead to a path of self discipline and faith.  The internal confidence I have created knowing that I can get past every obstacle is well worth the discomfort. Just to recap in 2018 I started my fitness journey.  I quickly found out I had urticaria, IBS, eczema, an ovarian cyst, as well as what I had already been living with: PCOS, Migraines. Though this did not cause a depression, I did feel discouraged; like maybe this path wasn’t meant for me.  I mean it is so hard and it was coming right at the time in my life where I had the determination to take the reigns. Why now?

You know the universe works in mysterious ways.  Joy and pain. I’m embracing “why not” rather than “why now”.  I don’t want to have poor health but if I do I am going to figure out how to get the most out of fitness, anyway, in the safest way possible.  

This journey has taught me my limits.  It has given me clarity on my gains. And the journey has been an overall success I am down 17 pounds from a mixture of exercise, HIIT and veganism.  I had to make my own way and go on this difficult path alone. I could no longer compliance and had to keep it pushing yall.

My current strategy is weight training and HIIT 3X/ week while doing Yoga 6X/week.  More to come im sure but just wanted to take some responsibility for my destiny and my overall fitness gains!



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