My second week of “everyday” yoga

My second week of “everyday” yoga

It’s my second week of “everyday” yoga.  I was thinking about my yoga friend who constantly hops from yoga class to yoga class.  She’s always inviting me and I am starting to understand why. A personal yoga practice can be tough and being in a community allows us to continue our practice while work on consistency.  Going to group class is the boundaries I need to define my practice and work on things I don’t really know.

Getting zen with myself is something I have been slacking on.  The calm connectedness I feel during yoga has escaped me for a while.  I am getting back through practice, pranayama and meditation. But it’s so crazy realizing I had lost something I loved so dearly.

I loved my clear headedness, The silence between thoughts and I make decisions based on what is best for me rather than what I fear.  LOL I guess I could blame it on the hard astrological changes we have been having. The hard Capricorn energy engaging with society. The Saturn return for those who are native in Capricorn.  The highest level of maturing.

You like me must have been dealing with some emotionally hard transitions over the past two years.  The transition that required us to buck up and mature in places we have been so soft in. The people, situations and circumstance that coddled us have been removed and wee face life with a new opportunity to stand with integrity and maturity.  

It is very much so an internal subconscious strengthening.  And I’ve talked to numerous people who have been walking their dark side of their emotions over the past two years.  With Jupiter in scorpio we have been learning how to grow through examining our shadowside and expanding in a compassionate way there.

For example: you may have always been a carrying friends but perhaps you manipulated people emotionally to “keep them safe”.  This time period gave you the space to mature. To use your pure desire to be a caring friend while allow others to be responsible for their own emotions.  This example is both subtle and internal.

It is a self journey.  And I and some friends have been going on our self healing journey to a better sense of self.  For more authentic control over ourselves rather than the self loathing the can sink in so deeply in our subconscious.


Simply put: mature.  Face your fears and grow something!


In my yoga practice is where I find my heart.  The joy of training towards something and being one with myself.  It’s my me dates and I think just like a great relationship we should actively stay courting ourselves for better self love and self care.


-Yogini Jessica

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