Veganism has got me down 7 pounds

Veganism has got me down 7 pounds

Veganism has got me down 7 pounds in a relatively fast amount of time.  Switching to eating as raw as possible, healthy proteins, carbs, fruits, veggies and fats has been a great change.  But dairy Hun-TEE I still struggle with it. I do put greek dressing on my falafel salad bowl at Cava. And I’ll consume shredded cheese if it’s on my soup.  Actually one of my vegan friends told me that she eats vegetarian from time to time when vegan options aren’t available.

Well this tidbit of info allowed me to put that dressing on my salad and feel no shame.  And really from a nutritional standpoint Greek yogurt salad dressing really isn’t setting me back.  I’m being realistic and still slowly transitioning from animal related products.

Some raw eaters consumer animal products in a dehydrated or flash frozen state.  So meat isn’t bad nor is dairy. It’s more about the discipline and how my body reacts to these things.  


I am so lucky to work from home because I can easily get up and cook/prepare my breakfast lunch and dinner with ease.  I can eat vegan most of the time. But while going out it’s a little bit harder. Some vegan options dont even sound good lol.  So yea sprinkle a little cheese on that buddy!

But my goal is to eat as close to raw as possible and continue to stay on this path.  I do enjoy it and love posting my food on Facebook for my friends and I to talk about.  I’ve really been brainstorming vegan recipes and have been coming up with some yummy options.  What I love the most is I am able to share my experience with others and they are interacting with me which is so much fun.  This dialogue makes me feel like what I do matters. That I don’t have to keep my experience private and to myself.

Currently I am making a vegan cookbook.  I don’t have an ETA at the moment but follow me on IG (@workkinyoga) for food pic + recipes from the cookbook.  Literally I am trying things out everyday and adding in the good ones.




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