Weight training for the curvy fit look? Aren’t we all sister!

Weight training for the curvy fit look? Aren’t we all sister!

Weight training for the curvy fit look? Aren’t we all sister!


There are some beautiful bodies out here that have been built through weight training.  Just browse instagram fitness and you will see millions of people using weights to build that booty and shrink that waist.

If you haven’t noticed we are in the age of big bums and small waists.  While some communities particularly my own have always loved an “itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face…” mainstream beauty has again caught up to cuvry being desirable.  Look at the emergency of Ashley Graham a curvy model who is changing the rules by have a sexy yet realistic body.

This era of curves has also brought on a rise of plastic surgery to get them.  Hun-TEE when I say I’ve seen them, nip it, slip it and throw it somewhere else!  Ladies are now getting fat transfers to create those desirable curves and move away for their genetic shape to a super curvy appeal.  


I don’t know about you all but I can tell.  But these ladies do look like all that and a bag of chips so I ain’t hatin.  Plastic surgery is not a bad thing in my eyes and women shouldn’t be shamed for getting it.  But instead of spending thousands of dollars to get a look you can put in hows in the gym weight training to get them buns right.  Look at @kathy_drayton and sumeet_sahni. They both went from a naturally underweight frame to a curvy muscular frame through weight lifting targeted areas.  

What weights do is build muscle while cardio will slim you down that is what someone who does crossfit look very different than someone who weight lifts.  The body is reacting very different to the two. Utilizing both HIIT and weight lose is how ladies can build those curves naturally and less expensive without the risks of surgery.

I am on my journey and I enjoy seeing how strong I’m getting or increasing the weights as I squat.  I’ve learned that the most important thing I need to cultivate is patience and consistency. These have been the deciding factors for other people’s success and will be mine as well.  I’m taking it one day at a time just showing up and doing me.

I you have any fitness strategies you would like to share post it in the comments



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