What I wish I knew in my early 20s

What I wish I knew in my early 20s

So disclaimer my 20’s aren’t over I’m 27 and finally experiencing what my aunt freaked out about when she was 27.

“I’m old!” She said.

So I don’t feel old, what I do reflect on is how much I have changed and how drastically I have changed over the last decade.

People, hobbies and priorities have all changed. And that so crazy when I look past.

But here is a go at it:

1. Choose one career path without over thinking it.
I recently created a list of all my past entrepreneurial ventures and hobbies. Sweet baby Jesus! I have done so much and I can’t really say all that exploration lead to one career path. What it taught me is I have the propensity to be flexible but what I lost out on was developing a skill to the point of mastery. To be a Pro and a producer of something that helps others.

2. Worrying about what “I think” others are thinking.
Who really knows what others are thinking and who cares and that goes from family and friends to the random person on the street. I was so caught up in not wanting to “change” or act “brand new” for the sake of others. Often time I was policing myself. So I lost out on taking the risk of being me. Trusting myself, that I am good enough to risk it all on.

3. Placing less pressure on romantic affair
I didn’t date to have fun. I dated to find a partner and it often ended in a tumultuous way. I didn’t convert old flames to friends and I lost out on just having a good time without it needing to go somewhere. Now if boundaries are not respected you might have a slippery situation but let others worry about it.

4. Take care of myself rather than others first
Caring for others isn’t a bad thing. But I spent my 20 in caregiver roles, coddling friends and sitting in my own angst. When I look back I could have still been a great friend , family member, and individual had I taken care of myself. Honestly I took care of others vigorously with the hope they would do the same for me and I felt resentment when that wasn’t the case or they knew their boundaries while I stomped over mine.

5. Be yourself
Others may look like they are doing something special but we’re all really just doing the same thing. Trying to be happy, enjoy life and overcome the obstacles that come. So be your self. Grow in skills and outlook but don’t knock down the building that is you. Rehab it. Knocking it down means spending more in the long run. It’s just a metaphor to say. You are more valuable as you are. And that shine is visible to others. So keep it pumping over there, even if others want you to change or the looming voice in your head try’s to convince you to do so.

6. Invest in my retirement and debt repayment
The longer time you have to save, the less you have to contribute monthly. That’s how compound interest works. And student loans, car stuff and consumer debt are problems that can be easily tackled in your youth before the real responsibility and demotivation kicking in. It’s mostly a lack of discipline that will prevent you.

So all is not lost I can still do those things but I just took some time to think about learning from the past.

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