2018 Health Twist and Turns

2018 Health Twist and Turns

So I’m on this kick to simplify my life. My health has take some negative turns this year and derailed me from my entrepreneurial path. I was supposed to be monetizing my blog and selling yoga experiences but I had to stop. I’ve spent over $1500 on health expenses since April. A nice little chunk of change that could have been a great vacay budget.
I found myself in hospitals for migraines, radiology centers for cysts and numerous doctors appointments for my urticaria, eczema, food intolerance and pcos. Lord I did not plan for my 2018 to take that turn. But here I am and yea I’m walking this walk.

See the last two years were so emotionally taxing on me that I think my health issues are an accumulation of the stress I was under now in physical form.

Stress is so powerful it can literally rewire your brain, hormonal system and belief systems. It takes a lot of introspection to even make the potential connection. In addition we have our everyday health stuff like pollution, chemicals and crummy food that we interact with that also play a role in our health.

Honestly I made some more superficial goal at the beginning of the year and now their real practical. I want to heal my chronic migraines, ammenhorea, PCOS, ovarian cysts, urticaria, eczema and food sensitivities.

As a yoga teacher I’ve come across some great health info but I’m not a doctor and I am walking blind like everyone else with their long standing medical conditions. I have both new and very old conditions that need to be resolved and though I didn’t plan that to be my focus I think it was just time.

I focused on just about everything over the years and now it’s time to focus on my self care and personal health.

I am not sure what is right but I believe in faith and purpose, that all experiences are useful and shape our later approach to other things in our lives.

I don’t think it’s fair but I think I have a choice of how I approach this. I could be negative or I could be determined.

Currently I am taking the following supplements to treat my health issues:

-2 Ashwagandha blends – for migraine, ammenhorea, anxiety and to lower and balance cortisol production
-vitamins C for inflammation
-Ginseng for cortisol balance
-Folic acid for PCOS
-multivitamin for general health
-Tumeric for inflammation
-Vitex for amenorrhea and PCOS
-magnesium for anxiety
-vitamin b & b12 for urticaria and eczema
-ginger tea for inflammation

Quite a list but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around taking a daily preventative medication for migraines. If I could take a pill every day for that than I could take a pill to resolve my issues in a less harmful way. Again I am not a doctor and I do rely on Dr. Google for help but I know my body and its my responsibility to make decisions that are best for it. And this is the decision I have made.

I also learned during my frequent trips to the ER that my chronic migraines could be caused by adrenal fatigue. Basically I have elevated or fluctuating levels of cortisol as well as other hormones for endocrine regulation. This fluctuation puts me at a higher risk of having a migraine. And because my body is in a constant state of fight or flight I stopped having periods.

My brain is misfiring from my migraines, to no periods to urticaria. It is confused. And I can honestly say I myself am confused in a lot of ways in my life. Where will my career go? Am I living a life full of purpose? These are questions I constantly ask myself and find I am silent or simply don’t know.

To know for sure requires a practicality that lives in the past tense. And I am planning for the future. Well more like I am executing for the future.

Out of the whole experience no matter what happens I want to keep my sense of determination and dignity. I don’t want to alway let everything get to me and I want to look back at this period of my life with my head held high that not only did I do all I could but I did it respecting myself as best I could, being at peace with myself during the process of healing even during the twist and turns.

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