Meditation starter kit

Meditation starter kit

Here are some meditations I love to use

Sound Meditation

Guided Meditation

Knowing where to start can be tricky. Do you want to focus your thoughts or do you want no thoughts at all? If you would to focus your thoughts I would suggest a guided meditation. If you want to calm your mind with no thoughts at all I’d suggest a sound meditation.

Just try it out you might find that some meditations work better for you in certain ways.

Pros of meditation:
-Instant relaxation
-requires minimal tools and effort
-can be done almost anywhere
-can be more restorative than a power nap
-helps reduce and balance cortisol production in the body
-increases calm
-increases focus

What not to expect
-to be a meditation master after 1 session
-that it will solve all your problems
-that it is all you need: eat right, exercise, enjoy others too

Calm App

I really recommend this app there is a free component and I came across it when I was getting therapy for my grandma’s passing. It has a timed breathing meditation and some free guided meditations. It’s a pretty good looking app and can be used whenever you need. It also tracks how often you practice.

If you know some other great meditation tools let me know, I’m down to try something new .

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