Meditation for Letting Go

Meditation for Letting Go

A 10 Minute Guided Meditation on letting go… For those on their healing path <3

I felt a longing at my heart an aching pain.  I metaphorically pulled the sword lodged in my heart chakra out.  I had been suffering in a silent pain that I had caused so long ago…


But… before I got to that realization I had a pounding headache.  Which signifies to me I need to tap into my needs and see what I was missing.  It was my lunch break so I laid down on my couch trying to control the throbbing.  I wondered what I was trying to tell myself.  Slipping in and out of sleep consciousness I starting thinking back to my first migraine and what were the circumstances that surrounded them.  I started thinking about my life. The transition into adulthood and how I felt my place in the world was. I remember feeling out of place. A common feeling during that transition from childhood to adulthood but I also had the surge of creativity and wanting to share that with others.  I especially drew a liking to singing. I showed my passion through obsessing over musical culture and the actual disciple of singing. I decided to join a talent competition to put myself out there. To shine bright. And in preparing for this competition I saw just how hard this really was.  I didn’t really know how to sing and I was pushing past my boundaries by joining this. Long story short a wonderful singer blew us all out of the water and I was left feeling less than (which I think is still a normal reaction) but what I did next was like metaphorically putting a sword in that creative aspect of my heart. I vowed, rather unconsciously, never to put myself out there like that again.  I had to be the best to put myself out there.

What I wish I had known then that I know now is it is OK to put yourself out there even if you’re not perfect.  In fact if you use those lessons to your benefit you can grow much quicker than not challenging yourself at all.  So I became perfectionist in everything. Yet nothing was ever really good enough. And whenever I tried new hobbies I metaphorically put a cap on my progress.  Even with my yoga journey. I was afraid I’ll never be good enough and feel blindingly devastated like I did that day. It is so anchored in me that it has become apart of my belief system.  So now as an older wiser version of myself I know I should let that go yet I’m tethered to it.


That pounding headache and pain was my unconscious letting me know it was time to learn that about myself and so I am.  Day by day. To lubricate the process I burned some sage over my heart chakra to signify letting go of that experience.  I have to continue to work at it day by day but I’m glad I took the time to focus my headache pain on what was really bothering me unconsciously.  I hope my healing journey helps you strengthen yours.


Om Shanti Om


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