The R&B Yoga and Mimosas Experience

The R&B Yoga and Mimosas Experience

RNB Yoga and Mimosas (R&B Yoga)

Alexandria, VA
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Do you love R&B music? Have your tried it with Yoga? Imagine trap soul hits, neo soul, old school and R&B playing as you go into your downward dog. You’re encouraged to sing o…

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As you walk into the calmly lit room, you’ll see motivational sayings and feel a home-like vibe.  As you settle down into your space, in the studio you’ll start to notice other curious people entering not sure what to expect but excited by the prospect of mimosas and trap soul hits.

Once the class fills, you’ll be lead through a self-care based yoga practice that can change your own perception of what you can and can’t do.  Through a beginners friendly sequence, I’ll lead you through new poses that you can try out or relax through.

This isn’t a strict yoga class and you shouldn’t worry about if you will be able to master all the poses before coming in.  All you should worry about is: 1. How can I have fun + 2. How can I honor my body in this space.

Be honest with yourself and accept yourself as you are.  No need to hurt yourself trying to overdo a pose. Instead, dance!  Have fun, smile at your neighbor, when you find a moment that feels good or if you have some curiosity.

We always set an intention at the beginning of our practice.  So make it count. It can be large or small but it really is giving you permission to release any inhibitions you have about yourself in that moment.  No one judges and everyone is worried about their own space on their yoga mat.

Once we get to the meat of the class, we start to dance.  We move to a groove that feels good and make us remember how happy the little things can be.  Like standing next to your bestie dancing to 702’s “Stello” among good company.

When the class winds down, we’ll go through a guided meditation to seal in your experience.  We’ll let go of the baggage from a hectic life and embrace the simplicity of enjoying the moment without reason and relaxing in comfort.

Cozy and comfy, some may even doze off which is perfectly fine, that means you’re in a really, really good place.  As we awaken and rejoin the group, that’s when the smile start to emerge, a restful energy moves about the room.

Now to pop bottles!  Meet your neighbor who has been killing their two-step routine on the mat and just live in the moment.  This is your practice and what you should take from the experience is a limber peacefulness to carry with you.

Keep in touch with someone in the class or create a new resolution for yourself (it doesn’t even have to be yoga related).  But own your power and cultivate your gifts in this space. See you soon on the mat <3. Sign up here:

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