Healing Yourself

Healing Yourself

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Are you on your healing journey? Have you been treating a physical injury, emotional trauma or increasing mental health support? Maybe you are fine health-wise and just need s…

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Healing can be a multifaceted subject.  At first, it could mean to repair your body from a physical ailment, such as a broken bone, disease or infection.  Then you could see it as fixing emotional pain from losing loved ones, difficult transitions or sometimes mysterious emotional pain.  Mental issues could need healing as well. Whether that is treating mental illness, anxiety or even mental fatigue. There are many combinations of needed healing and one is not mutually exclusive.  More commonly, internal issues like stress or emotion trauma can manifest into physical diseases and a weakened immune system.

Self-care is vital to the healing process and having a healthy quality of life.

Self-care can be as simple as relaxing in your easy chair, with a cup of tea and some nice music or seeking treatment from healthcare professionals for any concerns you have.  Your step 1 is really deciding what you want to do.

… And then DO IT!

The journey to healing may open realizations deeper than what you see and navigating those murky waters are necessary to your overall healing.    You may even hit a point where you are seeking non-religious (… or religious, if that’s your thing) spiritual healing.

Gary Zukav notes in “the Seat of the Soul” that there is no difference between the internal war of someone experiencing schizophrenia and the physical wars we see happening in the world.  Spiritual guidance helps you navigate finding purpose, meaning and reverence in a world that also allows genocide, sexual assault and emotional manipulation to occur.

To find purpose in all the roadblocks you have experienced in life, no matter how horrible they were without negating the need to speak up and prevent them in the future for yourself and others.  

A hard life can grow a beautiful soul bitter or make it better.  It’s up to you to decide how you see this life. And that recognition is the foundation of physical, mental, emotional diseases flourishing or dissipating.  

While I won’t say a positive attitude will miraculously change your health, I do believe that added stress on top of what you are experiencing can’t be beneficial to your healing journey.

My own healing journey has led me down many hallways, some better suited for me than others.  But overall, It’s lead me to understand through my own pains, struggles and difficulties empathy toward others experiencing their own health troubles.  

While I was learning all of these self-care and healing tips through yoga, meditation and reiki trainings, I’m realizing that what I have learned I can share with others.  Especially, for those who need guidance navigating the deep internal, while they are being treated for other external concerns.

If your path has lead you to me, I do offer Reiki Healing Sessions that are rooted in healing emotional trauma and instilling confidence.  I believe that you have gifts that we all need to experience and I want you in tip top shape to implement those. If you would like to schedule a healing session with me you can do so here:

Until next time family, treat yourself with love and care.  If only you could see now, what the universe has always seen in you, a beautiful soul.