Alkaline Diet Plan

Alkaline Diet Plan

So you have probably heard of a vegan diet but for those who are seeking an even more health conscious approach, you are probably interested in exploring a plant based alkaline diet

And you are at the right place! I’m going to show you how to ease into an Alkaline diet but first here’s a little background knowledge

A plant based diet is nothing new but a doctor by the name of Dr. Sebi really ignited the popularity of an alkine diet in the 90’s. The first criteria of an alkaline diet is

You must eat plant based foods only

These plants cannot be man made hybrids

The plants must reduce acidity in the body

You cannot eat any fermented foods

You cannot eat any processed foods (i.e. vegan food products)

So you’re probably like….duhhh this is just a vegan diet…. well it’s not that simple. There are certain veggies that are not advised because they are thought to increase acidity in the body. Also, hybrid veggies like carrots are thought to not be as effective in the healing process. While this is tbd in my books, thousands of people have swarn by this method and its intense healing

Regardless, a plant based nearly raw diet is best for your body in both digestion and healing and well worth a try

Consistency is key. Sticking to the diet isn’t hard. You can eat any food combination from the list provided. But you will probably want to eat something yummy. And thats where it gets hard.

But don’t fret because you can make tons of alkaline recipes. My favorite approach is taking recipes I love and turning them vegan like this Alkaline recipe below

And it doesn’t stop there I watched myself progressively lose weight sticking to the Alkaline diet

So know that this diet has great health and weight loss potential. Not to mention I started feeling better emotionally as well. Try it for yourself. Instead of a cup of coffee try a shot of juiced spinach, you’ll find a lot of energy come from no where.

Would you like to lose up to 20 pounds? If so, you can access the “20 Pound Down Complete Vegan Weight Loss Plan” here. Its all the Recipes, Grocery Lists and Eating Schedule you need. Plus you will get a free bonus Vegan Workout Guide-Made-Simple, 30-Day Interactive Self-Care Guide and Before & After Check-In Guides.

You journey starts with you. So be understanding towards yourself in the process. Know that you are beautiful and enough, now. That any changes will only enhance your life. See you 20 pounds lighter 🙂 !

With Love,

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