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My story, just like yours, has many winding roads that travel in the same direction, forward.  I wish I could easily simplify who and I am and what I do, but I can’t so I’ll do my best LOL.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Herb Enthusiast.  I have had my own personal meditation practice for the last 13 years.  I have studied numerology, natal charts, tarot and other metaphysical sciences since I can remember. I was, and still am, a patron of energy healing sessions across numerous modalities.

I began teaching yoga in 2015, two years later I started a R&B Yoga + Mimosas class.  I LOVE R&B and found other enthusiasts flocking to my class to listen to their favorite 90’s throwbacks, today’s trap soul and the legendary, oldies but goodies.  With my class being 95% women, specifically women of color I started to realize my experience mattered.  My take on yoga mattered.

I was creating a space missing among hundreds of yoga studios, culture that appealed to sistahs.  These working women who are the adventurers, nurturers, bread winners and all around gurus in their households.  Come to my class to relax, have fun and meet new people.

We dance, we laugh and we drink.  And everyone leaves with a smile.

I have, also, added to my practice energy healing.  I have been on my own journey of healing and as I sought knowledge and people to heal me, I learned the foundations of healing to share with others.  I can sometimes be a “people whisperer” during my meditation or energy healing sessions because I take you deep within yourself to resolve any unconscious trauma.

I specialize in resolving emotional trauma and use my free time to research the link between unresolved emotionally traumatic experiences and the progression of chronic illnesses.  I have found, in my own life,  that every chronic health concern I have had has been linked to a traumatic emotional experience, that was unresolved or suppressed.

While these session dig deep, I DON’T ask my client to relive experiences or focus on pain, what I ask them to do is to “hover” above their experiences, search for the lesson their soul is seeking and then find the path to move onto their next evolutionary stage.  I ask them to forgive others and most importantly themselves and reflect on how their experience can help others going through it, as well.  I cultivate gifts, bring out optimism, and facilitate a space of self care, where you find your answers within.

I have created an energy healing circle for people looking to heal in community and I offer private sessions for people who want concentrated attention on their needs.

And finally herbs!  I have been a nutrition enthusiast for the past 14 years.  I have tried almost every diet, nutrition plan, countless herbs and medicines.  I was seeking a natural path to healing my chronic issues.  And during that journey, I learned a whole-lot of information!  I learned the healing power of, safely, fasting.  How alkalining foods can heal the body.  How proteins, veggies, fats, carbs and sugars have their purpose in the regulatory processes in the body.  How herbs can improve illness without the side effects of chemicals or overloading your body with drugs that are too strong.

I believe that what you consume is the absolute fastest way to change how you feel.  You will see this when you fast or go on a raw foods vegans cleanse.  You’ll notice less anxiety, a general sense of clear headedness and peace.  This coupled with physical exercise, meditation and finding a more supportive environment can drastically change how you view your life.  I frequently write about my favorite herbs and how they can be used to heal things like the common cold to regulating the endocrine system.

One more thing, I suffered from debilitating migraines, no menstrual cycle, social anxiety, hives, ovarian cysts, digestive issues, lower back pain, becoming easily overwhelmed and low self image for many years.  I have learned that as difficult as it was having my health concerns, throughout the years, they have lead me exactly where I needed to be.  Helping others heal and cultivating their gifts to share with the world.  I wouldn’t have taken the journey so seriously if I didn’t have to walk the path myself.  I’ve experienced a full range of emotions on my journey and still pushed to get to the other side and that fighting spirit is what I share with my clients.  To help them find their “other side” and make their way in that direction.

…I think that’s me in a nutshell! 🙂

Jessica Lashea