Consistency is Key

My Personal Meditation:

“Even in doubt go with what you know!”


Start the day off centered, grounded and calm #namaste 🙏🏾❤️✌🏾

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Be sure where you’re going but make sure your nice to yourself and others along the way.

My personal Meditation:

You are free and have everything you’ve ever needed now















This week work on seeing your inner strength 🙂

My personal Meditation:

“Every moment is a new opportunity to get it right this time’


This week awaken the warrior spirit within you.

My personal Meditation:

“I am my own Warrior, I am my own Victor I will be the Rescuer I need… I can do it and I WILL DO IT!’


This week embrace patience even when your emotions want to get the best of you.

My personal Meditation:

“Work hard now so that working hard later will feel like fun”


This week cultivate fearlessness even during stagnation

My personal Meditation:

“Jessica finish these finals!!!!!! So close, so close, so close!”