Do you happen to suffer from headaches?  Or worse migraines? Between work and life do you carry tension in your head, neck and shoulders.  Here is a 10 minute guided meditation to help you loosen up that tension and relieve the headache.

How do you process stress in your life.  I know for years I’ve had people compliment me on remaining stoic and calm in times of calamity while, little did they know, I was a hot mess on the inside.  Storing the chaos in various parts of my body suffering from mysterious and often confusing medical conditions. This example brings up several things:

  1. The mind body connection can really make or break your internal regulatory systems
  2. It’s important to learn what to do with inner stress.  

Meditating is one way I use to help ease the accumulation of stress and tension from the day.  Because I don’t really externally react, my internal reaction can be overwhelming. A daily meditation practice and journaling practice helps me understand what is going on in my day to day life and gives me some insights on how I can proceed.  Making it a daily habit was challenging at first. I could come up with 1,000 excuses and would sometimes just plain forget but after a challenging string of migraines that left me hospitalized I started to take it serious. I guess I imagine my self-care practice as a piggy bank.  Each practice is worth a $1 and overtime my bank will grow and grow. And sometimes, during the stressful times life comes to collect! And if I don’t have a self-care practice then I don’t have any income to pay life and thus sickness takes hold of my body.


How you choose to visualize it is up to you but I like the financial aspect.  Like really if you were super rich and went to your job, would you really be that stressed?  I mean you having that job isn’t your livelihood because you would already have money in the bank!


Whatever your self-care practice is I encourage you to do it daily and in your most authentic way.  You might be surprised what you find out about yourself as you prioritize your self care.


Om Shanti Om